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What is Allen Privacy?

Allen Privacy Portal is a web platform that helps destroy all information that is collected about your identity on a monthly basis. Data brokers collect your personal information such as street addresses, phone numbers and other sensitive data that should never have been accessible to anyone on the Internet. This happens for many reasons (e.g., a data breach happened, or companies are selling your information without your knowing). To protect yourself, you can either spend hours every month on their opt-out procedures, hire an expensive agency to do it for you, or sign up on the AP Portal where our automated algorithm will do all the work for you, every month. It monitors all the most popular people-search sites, removes your personal data records, and does continous monitoring to make sure they don't reappear.

Who are data brokers and how do they get my personal information?

Data broker websites or people search sites are companies that collect your personal information from a wide range of public and private sources with the purpose of sharing it for profit. They aggregate and sell information such as court filings, real estate property records, motor vehicle reports, divorce and death records, web browser activities, purchase behavior data from retailers and other private information that should never have been accessible to anyone but you and parties you've entrusted it to.

What data brokers do you cover?

We are processing automated opt-out on most of the well-known data broker websites. You can check the whole list here. We strive to grow the list as we discover newly appeared websites, but some sites can also drop off temporarily due to their technical problems, or a change in out-out procedure that requires us to update our system.

How can I track information removal?

After you register at Allen Privacy, you will be able to track removal progress in your user account dashboard. You will see a list of records with following statuses: (1) Found records - a list of records we've found on data broker websites, (2) Removal in progress - the ones for which we've requested an opt-out and (3) Removed records - the ones we've successfully removed.

Why do I need to provide you with my personal information in order to get it removed from the Internet?

It's essential that you provide us as much information about yourself as possible. This is important because it helps us filter out other people's records from your scan results, and makes sure we will find and remove records that match your data, not someone else's. We also encourage you to provide outdated information such as your old phone numbers or street addresses, since data broker websites don't update their databases in real time and this will help us to remove that information too. We do not sell your information, and implement high security measures in order to protect your privacy (read more in our Privacy Policy).

What if my information appeared on a site you don't cover?

Since new data broker websites are appearing on a monthly basis, it's possible we don't cover all the sites were your personal information might appear. If this is the case, feel free to reach out to us and let us know about the new website. We will make sure to update our platform with the new site and include its scanning in the next system update. In case your removal request is of high urgency, reach out and our experts will remove the information as soon as possible.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a refund in case any activity regarding your information removal hasn't started yet, which is typically within the first few weeks after registration. This means no records were removed and you're eligible for a refund.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime inside your user account settings. Click on the Cancel subscription button next to your plan details and your plan will be canceled immediately. Note that all monitoring and removal activity will be stopped as well.

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