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Who is watching you?



Employers are required to protect employees’ personal information gathered for legitimate purposes, such as administering benefits. An employer might also use personal information to perform background checks, and track how employees use company vehicles and electronic devices.


of employers use social media to screen prospective candidates


of employers look at social media to check on current employees



Marketers buy personal information from data brokers and combine it with geolocation data and the data retailers collect about their consumers to identify and target potential customers. They use data to personalize advertising and display it more efficiently, and to monitor your responses to their ads.


of customers surveyed by Salesforce in 2019 reported that they’ve stopped buying from brands that did something they consider distrustful



Corporations are obligated to protect sensitive information collected from their customers, such as credit card details. They also study your purchase history, your behavior on their website, and even how you interact with your smartphone screen to search the internet. Data brokers have created a billion-dollar industry out of collecting and selling detailed personal information.


of US companies have experienced a data breach, according to a 2020 report by International Data Corporation (IDC)

Stalkers and Fraudsters

Stalkers and Fraudsters

Anyone, including an ex or a disgruntled employee, can look up your address and information about your family online. Some malicious attackers broadcast this information on social media. Fraudsters can use your personal information to steal your identity and ruin your credit.


of internet users had personally experienced any kind of online harassment such as physical threats, sexual harassment and stalking

What information is exposed?

Fraudsters don’t just collect and sell your private information. They categorize your life and transform your identity into detailed reports that include your identifying information, health and financial data, and even court details.

Our Privacy Portal is here to incapacitate their main source of information - data broker websites.

Addresses, phone numbers and e-mails01
Health data02
Financial data03
Purchase behaviour04
Court records 05

How we protect you?

We scan websites that expose your data
We scan websites that expose your data
We scan more than 100 websites that collect your personal information, including WhitePages, Spokeo, TruthFinder & others.
We send opt-out requests on your behalf
We send opt-out requests on your behalf
Our algorithm is doing continuous monitoring and sending information removal requests for any records it finds about you.
We verify if records have been removed
We verify if records have been removed
After we’ve requested info removal, our system is checking if information is removed and once it is - we notify you.
We keep monitoring if records re-appear
We keep monitoring if records re-appear
Unfortunately once information is removed it doesn’t mean it won’t appear again. That’s why we keep doing continuous scanning.

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